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Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English Major

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The English major develops students' powers of critical analysis in reading and writing, preparing students both for graduate school and employment in fields that require a mastery of language including teaching, writing, editing, publishing, research, law, and communication. At Flagler, students have the opportunity to pursue an English major with a literature concentration or a writing concentration.

Students who select a literature concentration will study an array of the great works of British, American, and world literary tradition, as well as contemporary works that shape our lives. Students who select a writing concentration will study literature as well, but they can also expect to engage in intensive writing workshops, peer-reviews, and critiquing and analytical reviews of model texts.

All majors will have professional opportunities to submit their work to conferences and publications, and work as editors and manuscript reviewers on FLARE and/or gain various experiences related to the field of writing during internships. Students will also be encouraged to attend Writers-In-Residence programs throughout their studies and join professional writing organizations to facilitate their networking capabilities.

Students majoring in English with either a concentration in literature or a concentration in writing are required to take a minimum of 45 hours, as indicated below. Students planning to pursue graduate studies are strongly encouraged to take at least six hours of elective coursework in a foreign language, chosen in consultation with the student's advisor. Additionally, approved ENG /CRW 340  or ENG /CRW 440  course offerings may be used to fulfill 300- or 400-level requirements as noted on the list of Selected Topic course substitutions made available by Department of English faculty.

Choose one course from below (Foreign Language)

All English majors must complete one of the following language courses:

Choose a concentration

English majors must choose a concentration in either literature or writing.

Literature Concentration

Six credit hours below (Junior Core)

Choose three credit hours from below (Writing)

Choose three credit hours from below (Genre)

Choose three credit hours from below (Global Literary Traditions)

Choose three credit hours from below (Alternate Literary Traditions)

Choose three credit hours from below (Advanced Early British)

Three credit hours below (Senior Core)

Writing Concentration

Choose six credit hours from below (Junior Writing Core)

Choose twelve credit hours from below (Sophomore and Junior Electives)

Students must select one or two courses from literature and two or three courses from writing. Students may use one approved 200- or 300-level writing course from another department for this category.

Three credit hours below (Senior Core)

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