Oct 17, 2019  
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Law Minor

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Frank D. Upchurch, Sr., Endowed Law Program

The Frank D. Upchurch, Sr., Endowed Law Program at Flagler College is designed to give qualified students the rigorous undergraduate preparation needed to master the academic requirements of law school.

The Program is named in honor of Frank D. Upchurch, Sr., by his family and friends as an enduring memorial to commemorate his contributions to the legal profession, St. Augustine, and the State of Florida. He served as City Commissioner and Mayor of St. Augustine, as a Representative to the Florida House of Representatives, and as a member of the Florida Senate. He was an ardent preservationist and helped establish the St. Augustine Restoration Commission to help preserve, restore, and interpret colonial St. Augustine for future generations.

The Law Program is also intended to provide a competitive opportunity for students to gain acceptance into law school. The skills needed for law school are those which all liberal arts students should pursue. These skills include the capacity to read for a clear understanding of content and relationships; the ability to reason logically and think critically; the capacity to solve problems given specific factual situations; the ability to write and speak with clarity, precision, and style; and an understanding of the institutions that develop law. The course of study prescribed for law students is designed to enhance these needed skills.

General Information: Students applying for participation in the Law Program should present SAT scores of at least 550 in the verbal and 550 in the math (or their equivalent on the ACT). Students who are interested in the Law program should contact the Law Director for an application to the program or for additional information.

A program of events is scheduled each year for Law students. Central features of the program include Law Forums; visits to area law schools; visits by law school Deans of Admission, judges, and attorneys; attendance at courtroom trial proceedings; mock LSAT exams; student meetings on topics related to preparation for law school and the legal profession; and the computer assisted legal research service known as LexusNexus. Law students should either enroll in an LSAT preparatory course during the junior year or follow the LSAT preparatory guidelines established by the Law Director.

Flagler College also has an active Chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, an international legal society which fosters interest and disseminates information about legal education and the legal profession. Phi Alpha Delta has become an important part of the Flagler College Law Program. All law students are encouraged to join.

General Requirements: Students who wish to complete the Law Program must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. Pursue and complete a major within the field of their choice;
  2. Pursue and complete a required curriculum of seven law courses;
  3. Earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.0 by the end of the senior year;
  4. Attend courtroom trial proceedings under the direction of the Law Director;
  5. Attend a minimum of two Law Program events during each academic year;
  6. Complete an LSAT preparatory program; and
  7. Complete at least four semesters as a full-time student at Flagler College

Course Requirements: A total of 21 credit hours is needed to complete the course requirements. Students who complete these course requirements satisfactorily will be given credit for a Law minor. LAW 470 , PHI 223 , and LAW 419  are required for the minor. For one of the seven required LAW courses, a student may substitute any law course from another discipline. This course substitution must be approved by the Law Program Director. A total of 21 credit hours are needed to earn the minor.

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