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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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COR 134 - Social Science & Transformative Learning

Credits: 3




Courses with the “COR” prefix are part of the Flagler College Core Curriculum.  Each COR course satisfies a Flagler Core Literacy requirement and also counts towards the Flagler Value Pathway requirements.

Any course with the COR 134 catalog number counts towards:

  • The Social Scientific Inquiry Literacy: Exposure to research in the social sciences can make us better, more informed consumers of information. Many occupations require the use of research findings and are increasingly important when it comes to public policy and decision-making. By applying principles and methods from the social sciences, we can address questions about how and why we, as humans, act the way we do. Critical thinking is key for analyzing and interpreting information, as well as a basic understanding of social scientific theory and practice.
    • Students must complete one Core course in the Social Scientific Inquiry Literacy. Any course listed as COR 131  , COR 132  , COR 133  , or COR 134 completes this requirement.
  • The Transformative Learning Value Pathway: We are committed to educating the whole person. As a community of inquiry, we value freedom of expression and the bond between teacher and student. We embrace a personalized education that is designed to transform lives and instill a passion for lifelong learning.

Syllabi available upon request.

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