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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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COR 152 - Creativity & Stewardship

Credits: 3

Courses with the “COR” prefix are part of the Flagler College Core Curriculum.  Each COR course satisfies a Flagler Core Literacy requirement and also counts towards the Flagler Value Pathway requirements.

Any course with the COR 152 catalog number counts towards:

  • The Creativity Literacy: Creative work is the manifestation of creative effort in the form of cultural artifacts both physical and digital, tangible and temporal. These artifacts may include but are not limited to tangible artwork (painting, sculpture, printing etc), digital artwork (digital graphics, websites, etc) creative literature, music, theatrical performance etc. Because creativity is an important component in all aspects of human endeavors it’s important to point out that the emphasis is on the application of human creative skill to the appreciation of aesthetic beauty and emotional power.
    • Students must complete one Core course in the Quantitative Reasoning Literacy. Any course listed as COR 151  , COR 152, COR 153  , or COR 154  completes this requirement.
  • The Thoughtful Stewardship Value Pathway: We are dedicated to stewardship: to the care of each other, to the preservation of our historical buildings and natural resources, to the responsible management of our financial resources and gifts, and to the celebration of the remarkable heritage of St. Augustine with its vibrant cultures and history.

Syllabi available upon request.

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