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Economics Major

Students majoring in Economics learn to think carefully and precisely about many issues that are essential for making effective personal decisions and for participating responsibly in public debate. The rigor in economic analysis is an excellent preparation for many graduate programs of study, including law school. Students who major in Economics are required to complete a total of 42 credit hours of study, including 21 hours of core courses:

Required Courses

Course NameCredits:Term TakenGradeGen Ed
ECO 211 - Principles of Microeconomics Credits: 3
ECO 212 - Principles of Macroeconomics Credits: 3
ECO 311 - Intermediate Microeconomics Credits: 3
ECO 312 - Intermediate Macroeconomics Credits: 3
ECO 470 - Senior Seminar in Economics Credits: 3
MAT 201 - Calculus I Credits: 4
MAT 223 - Statistics Credits: 3

Students must also complete 21 hours of 300 and 400 level economics electives:

Students should have completed ECO 211, ECO 212, MAT 201, and MAT 223 prior to their junior year.