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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of English

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Initial placement in composition, reading, academic success, and lab (010/020) courses:

Because students are placed in reading, composition, and lab (010/020) courses based on (1) SAT, ACT, TOEFL, IELTS, CXC, or B/GCSE scores and (2) diagnostic evaluation conducted during the drop/add period, students may not drop, add, or change course sections or levels without the permission of the Director of College Writing (for composition and ENG 010 /020 courses) or the Director of the Learning Resource Center (for reading, academic success, and REA 010 /020/101/102/142 courses). These are the only College officials who may alter composition, reading, academic success, and lab courses on student schedules during the drop/add period. Students should consult these individuals if they have questions about how they were placed in composition, reading, academic success or lab courses. In cases where students’ standardized test scores suggest eligibility in two levels, the higher score will be used to determine placement.

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Course Number/Name SAT
ENG 090 - Basic Writing with Lab       200-420 0-6 0-16 0-16 0-65 0-6.5 V E
ENG 142 - Introduction to College Writing with Lab       430-480 7-8 17-19 17-19 66-80 7-7.5 IV D
ENG 152WI - Topics in College Writing       490-640 9-10 20-28 20-28 81-114 8-8.5 II-III B-C
ENG 172WI - Topics in College Writing: Honors       650-800 11-12 29-36 29-36 115-120 9 I A
REA 020 - Academic Success   Placement based on academic status and cumulative GPA.
REA 101 - The Culture of College     Open to first year students in their fist semester at Flagler College.
REA 102 - Academic Success in the First Year   Placement based on academic status and cumulative GPA.
REA 142 - College Reading   200-430 1-17         0-65 0-6.5 V E

Freshman College Writing Requirement:

All freshman students, with the exception of those who have earned an Associate of Arts degree, must complete ENG 152WI - Topics in College Writing  or ENG 172WI - Topics in College Writing: Honors , and ENG 202WI - Introduction to Literature  at Flagler College. Advanced standing college writing in which a sufficient score has been earned (see score charts  for more information) and dual enrollment college writing in which a grade of C or higher has been earned will be awarded to freshman as HUM 199WI – Humanities Elective.

Changing composition course level:

If students wish to change course level (for example, from ENG 090  to ENG 142  or ENG 145  , from ENG 142  or ENG 145   to ENG 152WI , or from ENG 152WI  to ENG 172WI ), they must first contact their instructor in order to request replacement. Then, instructors, in consultation with the Director of College Writing, will approve or deny level changes based on diagnostic evaluation results and their professional judgment. Instructors may also recommend a change in a student’s composition level based on diagnostic evaluation. 

Satisfactory completion of the composition sequence:

All students enrolled in them must satisfactorily complete all sections of freshman composition with a “C-” or better (or a “P” in Pass/Fail courses) in order to exit or advance to the next level. Any student who earns a grade of “D+,” “D,” “F,” or “WF” must re-enroll in the same composition course during the subsequent semester. In addition, students who are repeating any composition course must also co-enroll in ENG 010 - Writing Tutorial I . Students must repeat this process—including co-enrollment in ENG 010 —until they pass the composition course with a “P” or a “C-” or better. This includes ENG 202WI  .

Withdrawals for excessive absences in composition and reading courses:

Students withdrawn from composition, reading, or academic success courses (except REA 101   and REA 102  ) because of violations of the course attendance policy will be assigned a grade of “WF” even if the withdrawal occurs before the “last day to drop a course with a W” date listed on the academic calendar.

Lab components and co-requisite courses:

Students who are placed in ENG 090 ENG 142  or ENG 145   will be concurrently enrolled in ENG 010 - Writing Tutorial I  (lab component).

Students who fail (“D+,” “D,” “F,” “W,” “WF”) ENG 090 , ENG 142 , ENG 145 ENG 152WI , ENG 172WI , or ENG 202WI  must repeat the course until they pass, as well as co-enroll in ENG 010  in the same semester as their repeat attempt.

Students with SAT reading scores greater than 430, ACT reading scores greater than 17, TOEFL scores greater than 65, IELTS scores greater than 6.5, CXC scores of IV or higher, or B/GCSE scores of “D” or higher will not be placed in any reading course.

Students will be placed in REA 020 REA 090 , or REA 102   based on their academic status and cumulative grade point average. Students may also enroll in these courses on a limited basis with the instructor’s permission.


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