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Academic Catalog 2018-2019 
Academic Catalog 2018-2019 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Spanish Minor

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Spanish Heritage Learners:

Spanish native speakers will be required to take a placement test prior to enrollment in a Spanish minor or major. This test will verify that they are sufficiently advanced in the Spanish language to successfully complete Spanish 300 and 400 level course work. Those native language speakers who do not successfully complete the test, due to shortcomings in Spanish grammar, writing, or for other reasons, will be placed into SPA 201  or SPA 202  Intermediate Spanish. Once these native language speakers successfully complete the SPA 101  and/or SPA 202  classes, they will be permitted to take SPA 301  and SPA 302  and then move on into higher level Spanish 300 and 400 level literature and culture courses. For those who successfully pass the placement test and successfully complete a higher level Spanish 300 or 400 class with a "B" or higher, they will be eligible to receive credit for SPA 201  and SPA 202  for a total of eight hours and no more. No student will receive credit for SPA 301  and SPA 302  without taking the courses; however, since one of the requirements for a minor or major in Spanish is the successful completion of SPA 301  and SPA 302 , the Heritage Learner will be able to substitute higher level Spanish 300 or 400 level classes for the requirement. The Heritage Learner will be required to complete a total of 22 hours for the Spanish minor and 40 hours for the Spanish major. These are the same overall credit requirements for all Spanish majors and minors.

A student who chooses to minor in Spanish should complete satisfactorily at least 22 hours beyond the elementary level. Courses should include SPA 201 , 202 , 301 , 302 , a 300 level Spanish course and a Spanish 400 level course. At least 12 hours must be completed at Flagler College. Spanish minor requirements: 22 Total Hours Required.

Required Courses

Required Electives

  • SPA 300 level (3) Spanish Elective Junior/Senior yr.
  • SPA 400 level (3) Spanish Elective Junior/Senior yr.

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