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Academic Catalog 2019-2020 
Academic Catalog 2019-2020 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

International Studies Major

The International Studies major is designed to provide the student with an interdisciplinary approach to studying global issues that will contribute to a broadly based but critical understanding of our ever-changing global environment. Such an interdisciplinary approach will prepare the student to enter an increasingly interdependent and globalized world and effectively face the challenges that these developments bring to them as both an individual and a global citizen. In order to achieve this the major has three central component parts: study abroad, the acquisition of functional language skills, and in-depth content knowledge of a specific area of concentration.

International Studies majors must complete a total of 54 credit hours. All majors will take 21 hours of required core courses; earn 12 hours of ONE language that is approved by the program coordinator; and complete three hours of study abroad. Students must select a specific track – in Anthropology, Economics, History, or Political Science and will be required to take 18 credit hours of courses in that track. Students who double major in one of the track disciplines cannot select the same track as an area of concentration for the international studies major.

In addition, students are encouraged to pursue independent research and internship experiences in the local community and abroad. Internship positions are available to students of junior or senior standing who have obtained a minimum cumulative average of 3.0 and permission from the instructor.  Electives used for the INT major or minor cannot be used toward any other major or minor.

Required Core Courses (21 hours)

Additional requirements include 12 hours of language (four semesters) and three credit hours for study abroad.


Choose a Concentration

International Studies majors must complete one of the following concentrations:

Anthropology Concentration: (18 hours required, of which 12 are electives)

Economics Concentration: (18 hours required, of which 12 are electives)

Choose 12 credit hours from below

History Concentration: (18 hours required, of which 9 hours are electives)

Political Science Concentration:(18 hours required, of which 12 hours are elective)

Choose 12 credit hours from below