Oct 02, 2022  
Academic Catalog 2021-2022 
Academic Catalog 2021-2022 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education (Mathematics) Major

The Secondary Education Math major, which is a critical teacher shortage area in the state of Florida, is growing rapidly due to opportunities for careers in Education including those in private, parochial and international settings. Also, beyond the traditional certification of teachers, mathematical concepts are applicable to many different careers.  Our majors will learn mathematical content by taking over 36 credit hours in Math, while learning appropriate pedagogy in with 42 credit hours in Education.  Students are also involved in several practicum experiences in our local schools where they focus on instructional approaches in number operations, algebra, advanced algebra functions, and geometry.   Additionally, our students implement available tools and resources to promote deeper comprehension of abstract mathematical concepts and equivalent representations.

Students use varied instructional strategies and questioning techniques that model mathematical concepts appropriately including real-world models, and equivalent representations, and problem-solving skills.

Program Coordinator: Dr. Cheryl McCarthy

Required General Education Courses (42 Hours)

Students entering with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree are exempt from the general education requirements, with the exception of specified courses for their major.


Speech Communication

Foundations of Knowledge

Creative Expression

  • Choose a Category A course (See General Education Program and Courses in catalog.) Credits: 3 hours
  • Choose a Category B course (See General Education Program and Courses in catalog.) Credits: 3 hours

Ways of Knowing

Elective (1-3 Hours)

Free Elective Courses (At Least 6 Hours)

To meet the minimum 120-hour graduation requirement, Mathematics Education majors must take at least 6 hours of electives.


Some courses require admission to the Education Department and/or other prerequisites. Also, some courses are offered only in fall/spring or even/odd semesters. This information can be found by accessing individual course descriptions.