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Academic Catalog 2022-2023 
Academic Catalog 2022-2023 [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Fine Arts, BFA

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The Art Department offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree (BFA) in the Fine Arts Program at Flagler College in addition to the Bachelor of Arts degree (BA).

Students in the BFA Program have increased opportunity for advanced independent studio research within the Fine Arts curriculum. This program is recommended for students who plan to pursue advanced studies in a Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Fine Arts (MFA) program.

The BFA is a selective program. The BFA Portfolio Review is held in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. Transfer students may apply for admission to the program after their first semester at Flagler College. Applicants are selected based upon the quality of their portfolio, grades, and faculty recommendations. Students enrolled in the BFA are required to take a minimum of 79 hours.

Foundation Program for Fine Art and Graphic Design

The Foundation Program in Art at Flagler College represents a series of interrelated courses that provide a consistent and comprehensive set of skills and concepts that represent an essential foundation for the successful art student. The set of skills and concepts include:

  1. Competence in observational and expressive drawing techniques.
  2. The ability to demonstrate organizational skills based on the elements of art and principles of design.
  3. Visual literacy based upon conceptual frames of reference.
  4. The skillful use of a variety of art materials
  5. The skills necessary to present and explain their work
  6. A working knowledge of the history of art and the role of art history in their own creative development
  7. Disciplined work habits and time management skills

The Art Foundation Program at Flagler College includes the following courses:

All students majoring in Fine Art or Graphic Design must take these courses as a foundation for upper division courses. Students transferring to Flagler College from another institution must take the foundations curriculum at Flagler College. Any exemptions from this requirement must be approved by the Art and Design Department Chair.


Not all courses can be offered every semester. Accordingly, students are advised to carefully plan their program of study.


No prerequisites are required unless so stated; exceptions to prerequisites may be made with departmental approval. All exceptions must be approved in writing by the Department Chair.

Transfer Students

All transfer students majoring in Fine Art or Graphic Design are required to complete the foundations curriculum at Flagler College with the exception of ART 105 . All exemptions from this requirement must be approved in writing by the Department Chair. No 300 or above level credits are transferable without permission of the chair. Transfer students or students who change their major may experience delayed graduation. The transfer student in Graphic Design should expect to complete their degree in no less than five (5) semesters.

Students enrolled in the Graphic Design major at Flagler College must follow a sequential ordering of course curriculum. It is highly advisable for all Graphic Design majors to consult their academic advisor for an accurate graduation date.

Special Fees

Some studio art courses will require a lab fee to cover the cost of supplies used by students enrolled in the course. Most studio courses require students to purchase specific art supplies. A list of these required supplies will be included in the course syllabus, which is distributed at the beginning of each course.

Students will need to pre-purchase all color and black-and-white prints. Each student is given a $50 starting balance for all classes combined. All print balances return to $50 at the beginning of each semester. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain a print balance from that point on by paying in advance for prints online by visiting https://print.flagler.edu.

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